A full programme is available here.


Talks should be 20 mins. maximum, followed with questions for 5 mins. questions (25 mins. total). Time limits will be strictly adhered to by the chair of the session. 

All formats are supported and we'll have internet access if you need to stream video. Where possible we ask that you use the available PC (/Mac) rather than connect your own machine. (This is to save time).

If you are presenting with your Mac, please bring along your connector for a VGA port.

Please upload your talk on the PC, in the room where you are presenting.

Please use the designated folder when uploading and do so ultimately in the coffee break before you present.


Posters should be A0 format (portrait). You have the opportunity to upload your poster for an online booklet in .pdf . 

(If you have not received your personalized link, contact us)


please use the contact form or approach one of the volunteers (white t-shirts with VU logo)



Organized and hosted by VU University Amsterdam