Train. The closest train station is Amsterdam Zuid. From here it is a 5-10 mins. walk to the conference venue. There are regular trains between Amsterdam Zuid and Schiphol, running late (until around 1.20 am). The journey takes 7-8 mins, with regular service (around one train every 10 mins.). You can plan your train journey here.

Tram/Metro. Tram 5,16,24 and metro 51 stop near the Main Building. Trams/Metros run until close to midnight (but there are also night buses running for most of the night). From Amsterdam Central Station, it will be around 30mins. (depending on traffic, etc.). You can plan your journey here. Closest stops are : "DeBoelelaan/VU (5/51)" or "VUMc (terminal station 16/24)". 

Bicycle. Several hotels, bike shops, and train stations offer bikes for rent. If you want to experience Amsterdam in the true Dutch way, have a go on a bike. There are bicycle lanes throughout Amsterdam and all the way from the city centre to the venue. (20-25 mins. bicycle ride).

Airport. The closest major international airport is Schiphol Airport. There are regular trains from Schiphol to both Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam Zuid (conference venue); plan your train journey here. If you want to save some money, it can be worthwhile booking an airport hotel/hostel and commuting from Schiphol.

Further info. if necessary can be found here. You need the information on the VU campus / Main Building.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no suitable conference accommodation at the VU and all accommodation must be booked directly by conference participants themselves

As a major tourist destination, alongside the usual range of branded international hotels, there are hundreds of small and medium-sized hotels throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding area. And there should be something to suit everyone’s budget.

There are numerous web sites (some which will be listed below) providing information and leading to on-line booking facilities. Once you have decided on a possible hotel, before booking, it is advisable to check prices on the hotel’s own web-site. Some agencies charge a premium and booking direct with the hotel can sometimes be cheaper. 

Since the conference is being held during the tourist season, early booking is advisable.

Here is a map with hotels close to the venue.

Search engines for hotels: here and here.

Information on hostels: here and here




Daycare / Childcare

We are unable to offer daycare / childcare services at this conference.


However, here is some relevant information on availability of daycare services in Amsterdam.



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